10 Reasons Why You Need to Show Concern For Others

Concern is the expression of care towards another person’s well-being, or the way someone else feels about something or someone. It comes in many forms, such as love, pity, empathy and care to name but a few examples. People should show concern for others on many levels and in many different ways. Here are ten reasons why you need to show concern for others.

1) Showing concern raises your self-esteem

Showing concern for others is a great way to increase your self-esteem. This could be as simple as telling someone that they are wearing a nice outfit or complimenting them on something they did. When the other person receives your gesture of kindness, they will most likely feel better about themselves and this creates an upward spiral where both people feel good about themselves, which can lead to developing a new friendship.

2) Showing concern makes you more approachable

Showing genuine concern for the wellbeing of those around you doesn’t just make you a more pleasant person, it can also be the difference between a meaningful connection and an awkward conversation.

 When interacting with people, take time out of your day to ask about their lives and what they are doing. This will help make them feel like they matter and give them someone who is willing to listen. When in conversation with someone, allow that person the opportunity to speak without interrupting or cutting them off.

3) Showing concern makes you happier

People who prioritize the needs of other people are happier and healthier than those who don’t. When we put ourselves second, we’re more likely to experience a higher level of personal happiness and peace. We can also feel an increased sense of belonging, which is crucial in today’s society where loneliness is at an all-time high. This feeling can make us feel more connected with those around us and less threatened by those who are different from us.

4) Showing concern helps people in pain

Showing concern helps people in pain. When someone is hurting, they want someone who will listen and validate their feelings. Showing concern can be as simple as a hug or a pat on the back.

5) Showing concern gives you an opportunity to be a hero

You may never know the difference that one small act of kindness can make in someone’s life. Often times, it is not about the size of the gesture, but about the sincerity behind it. One small act of kindness can make a huge impact on someone’s day and give them hope that they will be able to overcome their challenges.

6) Showing compassion is rewarding

Showing compassion is rewarding. First, it makes you feel good about yourself. Second, other people may reciprocate your kindness and offer help when you really need it. Third, being kind is contagious and can change the world. Fourth, your compassion can make a difference in someone’s life. Fifth, kindness can be an antidote to isolation and depression. Sixth, feeling empathy has been shown to reduce aggression and prejudice against other groups of people.

7) Showing compassion can make your life easier

1. Showing concern can help ease your own burdens. 

2. You might find that the person who needs compassion is a friend or family member, who could have been in your shoes at some point in time. 

3. Compassion can be a real gift when someone is trying to get out of an addiction, or when they are going through depression and isolation. 

8) Compassion can make your relationships better

Compassion is the ability to feel empathy and sympathy, or care and understanding. It is important not only because it can make your relationships better but also because people who are compassionate are generally happier than those who are not.

You don’t have to give money or anything else tangible in order to be compassionate, it’s a mindset. Showing compassion starts with acknowledging that everyone has problems that you cannot fix.

9) You don’t have to do it alone.

It can be hard to do the right thing when it doesn’t seem like anyone else cares. But don’t worry, there are plenty of people who care about what happens in your life and they want you to know that they’re willing to help. 

10) You never know when someone else’s help will benefit you.

You never know when someone else’s help will benefit you. There are so many people in the world who are willing to help out if you just ask them. If a friend is going through a rough patch, be there for them and try to do anything that will make their day a little better. If your neighbor needs a hand with something around the house, offer to lend them your skills. 

When walking down the street, always watch out for those who might need your assistance – you can’t imagine how much of a difference this can make in their lives.


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