The Dangerous Emotion of Envy And How To Eliminate it

One of the most negative feelings, envy may seriously devastate your life. Envy holds you back in various ways, from making you feel inadequate to focusing on things that don’t matter. You can lessen or completely get rid of jealousy from your life by learning to recognize it in both yourself and other people. Here are just a few ways that, if left unchecked, envy may ruin your life.

What exactly is envy

When a person lacks another’s quality, achievement, or good fortune, envy arises. This feeling can make people act irrationally and without consideration of the consequences. When you’re envious of someone else, you want them to be envious of you as well.
There are even physical effects of envy, such as high blood pressure, stress, and stomach ulcers.
When envy exists in your life, it will ruin your relationships with others and with yourself.

What causes us to be envious

Envy is an emotion that can come from a number of different places. Sometimes we experience envy because we want something another person has, such as a job, car, or house. Other times envy stems from jealousy, where we feel left out or excluded by others. But the thing about envy is that it’s never satisfied with what it has. The more you have, the more you’re motivated to have something else–whether or not you need it.

Why do we continue feeling envious

Envy is a powerful emotion, but it doesn’t necessarily make you happy. When you envy someone else’s life, what are you really wishing for? Often times, the thing we want most in this world can never be ours. So instead of being envious, we need to focus on our own lives.

Why don’t we try thinking about all the great things that already exist in our lives? We have friends, family members, pets and loved ones who love us unconditionally. Our health might not be perfect right now but tomorrow could bring better days with good fortune. Let’s all work on appreciating what we have!

The negative impact of envy

Envy can be a dangerous emotion to hold. In fact, it can destroy your life. When you envy another person, you begin to resent them for what they have that you don’t. In turn, this resentment will have a negative impact on every aspect of your life, from your home life to your work life.

For example, if you’re feeling jealous of your friend’s promotion because he never worked as hard as you did, then there’s a good chance you’ll start taking out some of your frustration on him at the office.

As a result, not only are their feelings hurt when they see how unhappy you are with yourself but also the dynamics in the workplace will change.

Ways to eliminate or reduce our own envious feelings

Envy is just another word for jealousy. If you catch yourself feeling jealous, try to find the root of the jealousy in order to move on. For example, if you see a friend getting promoted at work before you have a chance, it might be time to talk with your boss about that promotion.

You can also tell your friends how happy you are for them when they receive some kind of honor or recognition. These steps will help reduce the negative feelings and envy that could potentially destroy lives.

Try these out and let me know what you think!

-Ask for forgiveness from someone
-Be supportive of someone who has been wronged
-Do something nice for someone else


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