The Top Five Relationship Lies That You Need to Stop Believing

So you’re in a relationship, but you still find yourself doubting whether or not your partner really does love you. Maybe he or she isn’t showing their love in the way that you would like, or maybe the two of you are getting into an argument and you’re wondering if it will ever be resolved or if your partner truly understands what you’re going through at the moment.

I can’t stay mad at you.

This may be one of the most damaging lies of all. Constantly fighting can be exhausting, and it will cause you both to walk on eggshells around each other. You might start believing that your partner can’t handle an honest conversation, or maybe you feel the need to change in order for the relationship to work. Withholding anger, or pretending it doesn’t exist, only makes it worse when it finally explodes out.

We need time apart.

One of the most destructive lies people tell themselves and each other is that we need time apart. When a partner tells you this, try and understand what they are really saying. If they are telling you they need time away from the relationship, then they probably need help figuring out their own needs and boundaries. It may be better for both of you if they figure these things out on their own without your input.
When someone says we need time apart often it’s because they’re not feeling heard or understood by the person they’re talking to or dating. They’re just trying to make sure they get it across in some way. Giving them space doesn’t always mean breaking up with them.

You don’t make me happy anymore.

If you feel like your partner doesn’t seem excited anymore or they’re being distant, this could be a sign that they might not be happy with the relationship. It can be really hard to tell if they are ready for something new, but it’s worth asking them what’s going on and whether there’s anything you can do to make them happier. They may have found somebody else and don’t want you to know so if you think this is the case then keep reading!
Take stock of your current situation.

My friends/family would want me to be with you.

When you get into a relationship, your friends and family are often rooting for you. But what if they think the person you’re dating is wrong for you? Don’t take that personal. They may not know what it’s like to be in a relationship with someone with as many differences as yours, or they might be thinking of your future happiness. While all relationships have their ups and downs, there’s no way to know if one will work out until it does. There’s no reason to spend time worrying about the what-ifs when you can’t change them.
Relationships require commitment from both people involved, so don’t jump ship just because something went wrong early on.
And finally, love isn’t easy–it takes patience and effort from both partners. So remember that everyone makes mistakes at some point; it doesn’t mean they aren’t worth trying again.

I want what is best for the both of us.

These five lies will harm your relationship.

  1. You should never fight with your significant other. This lie is the worst, and it needs to stop now. People are going to disagree from time-to-time; that’s not a bad thing! If you don’t tell them what you think about something, your partner may wonder if you even care about the subject at all. Fight for each other and make sure they know how important their opinion is to you.
  2. Your parents always have good advice.: Your parents might be able to give you insight into what they had in their relationships, but they might not have all of the answers for your situation. Remember that every couple has different dynamics than their own and that advice should be taken with a grain of salt as well as thought through carefully before applying it to your own life.

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