In order to improve your life, you need to make changes in the areas of your life that matter most. These are the top 10 lifestyle changes you need to make this year. Take a look at them and see which areas of your life could use some work.

Then, sit down and create an action plan on how you’re going to improve those specific areas in 2015. You’ll be happier and healthier with these 10 lifestyle changes!

1) Maintain your home regularly

It’s easy to get carried away during the holiday season, with all of the baking and gift-giving. But the first thing you should do when the holidays are over is give your house a thorough cleaning. Start by removing any leftover Halloween candy, vacuum up all of those stray candies that missed their target during trick-or-treating, and take out the trash (along with any other garbage or recycling). Doing so will keep your home from getting a buildup of trash, dirt, and bacteria.

2) Cut down junk food

Cutting down on junk food is one of the best lifestyle changes you can make. A lot of times people want a piece of chocolate or something sweet after dinner. Instead, opt for a piece of fruit. Sure, it might not taste as good, but it will make you feel better about yourself.

3) Drink water

It’s tempting to turn on the tap and pour yourself a big glass of H2O, but if you don’t have time for a shower, it can be hard. So if you have any clothes that need washing and the washer is full, consider scrubbing them off with soap and water right in your sink.

4) Use eco-friendly products

Consider using eco-friendly products in your home and on your body. There are many good reasons for doing this. Eco-friendly cleaners, for example, don’t contain any harsh chemicals that can pollute the environment or harm human health. Plus, they’re cheaper than traditional cleaning products and easy to make yourself.

5) Have a good work-life balance

Many business owners can’t seem to find that good work-life balance. As a result, they suffer from stress and health problems which hinder them in the workplace. Here are five ways you can make your life a lot easier and help you have better balance:
1) Put boundaries between your work life and personal life 2) Avoid conflict with colleagues 3) Stop multi-tasking 4) Take care of yourself 5) Delegate what you can

6) Take more time off

There are many reasons why a person needs more time off in their life. Some people need it for mental health, some people need it for physical health, and others simply want to spend more time with their families. In the end, however, we all need time off. Our bodies and minds will not survive if we never take a break. After all, getting tired and burnt out is easy when you’re doing too much.

7) Try new things in your free time

If you want to make progress this year, the best way is through small lifestyle changes. Here are a few of my favorites: Cook at home rather start ordering takeout or eating out. Save up money. Spend your time on meaningful activities and take care of yourself by practicing self-care every day. For example, do something active for an hour each day and incorporate mindfulness into your routine. Stretch as soon as you wake up and before bed at night.

8) Go on trips with friends/family members

Traveling not only provides a break from your day-to-day routine, but is also a great way to spend time with those you care about. Schedule time for something other than work or the couch in 2018, and do it with someone who matters.

9) Exercise in your free time

It’s not enough to exercise in the gym. Sure, that may give you some calorie burn, but your body is built for so much more. Whether it be playing basketball with your friends, going on a leisurely jog around the block or practicing yoga in the morning. Taking care of your health requires consistency and not just once a week.

10) Spend more time with family

Spending more time with your family is the perfect way to unwind, take a break from everyday life, and keep a sense of perspective. Schedule time for your spouse and kids into your schedule each week—even if it’s just an hour or two. Before you know it, you’ll have formed treasured memories that will last a lifetime.

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