10 Reasons Your Partner Might Be Spying on You in A Relationship

10 Reasons Your Partner Might Be Spying on You in a Relationship

No matter how you define a spy, the idea of being spied on isn’t fun. You might feel as if your partner doesn’t trust you or that they have something to hide from you. While spying might be common in romantic relationships, it is never okay to violate someone’s privacy just because you are jealous or paranoid. If your partner is spying on you, here are 10 reasons why they may be doing so and what you can do about it.

1) To monitor your online activity

There are all sorts of reasons why you might think your partner is spying on you. If they have been acting strange, you may suspect them of tracking your online activities or monitoring your cellphone. Whether they really are monitoring your digital footprint or they just seem like they’re acting out of character, there could be plenty of reasons why it seems like something’s up.

2) To check if you are meeting up with someone

Smartphones can be used to spy on lovers and partners, but they also have several ways of knowing if your partner is spying. If you are suspicious your partner is using technology to track your movements or gather information about you, here are some tips for discovering their methods.

3) To see what the credit card statement says

If your partner was spying, they might have tried to make it look like you used a credit card when you really didn’t. They might have added fraudulent charges to your account just to get you into trouble. If they did do something like that, then your credit card statement would show unusual activity and alert you to what’s going on.

4) To check where you go during the day

Smartphones have made it simple to track someone’s whereabouts and to see where they are during every hour of their day. If you think your partner might be using technology to keep tabs on you, there are several things you can do to catch them in action. For example, some smartphone apps allow users to track their own location history, meaning they can compare their movements against those of others.

5) To make sure that you are okay

It might seem sweet to know that your partner wants to spend time with you, but it can also be hurtful if your relationship is more of a hinderance than a help. If you feel like your spouse/partner is keeping tabs on you because they care about you, then maybe they are. But, if it’s making your personal life feel stifling, then it’s probably time to sit down and have an honest talk with them.

6) Because they can’t trust you any other way

This is a serious sign of mistrust and distrust, particularly if it’s coming from both people in your relationship. Lying by omission isn’t very healthy for a relationship, so be honest with yourself and your partner if you’re feeling like you need to monitor their activity online. If they don’t trust you, there’s not much of an opportunity for either of you to feel safe and secure. Don’t expect them to stop monitoring your activities, and try not to spy on them in return.

7) To know if the story they heard about you was true

The most obvious reason you’re being spied on is because your partner wants to make sure they heard things correctly. It’s one thing if you want to know what someone says about you, but when your partner is doing it, it can get dicey. Are they more likely to believe their friends or you? If they decide against you, will that be enough for them to end things? These are legitimate questions that anyone would want answered before taking action (and your job is simply to explain why).

8) As part of a joke, prank, or game between couples

If your partner is pulling away from you and doesn’t want to talk about it, consider that they may be doing so as part of a game between couples. A lack of communication is one of the most serious problems for any relationship, but if your partner has gone radio silent or doesn’t want to go out with you anymore it could be because they are trying to initiate a little bit of distance (on purpose) in order to bring excitement back into your relationship.

9) So they can set boundaries for themselves

When you let your partner feel like they’re actually making their own decisions and living with them, you encourage their independence and maturity. However, if they know you’re constantly monitoring or even pushing them to make choices (like who to hang out with), it can trigger feelings of guilt for not being able to do what they want. By setting boundaries for themselves, your partner will feel more confident that they can make their own choices, rather than feeling like they have no choice at all.

10) To find evidence of cheating if it happens to them in their past relationships

If you don’t trust your partner, you might be tempted to spy on him or her. Sure, that sounds like a bad idea because it is. However, if you’re worried about cheating or think there may have been cheating in their past relationships, then keeping tabs on them could make sense for you. 


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