10 things that will never stop making her love you

Every day, you wake up to your loved one’s face. Every night, you go to sleep with them in your arms, ready to hold you tight when you wake up the next morning. There are so many reasons to love her and no matter how hard you try, there will always be more reasons to add to the list because love like this is unending. Here are 10 things that will never stop making her love you, no matter what happens in life or what challenges arise between the two of you.

1) You were there when she needed you

If a man was there for his girl during hard times, then he is truly a keeper. No woman wants to end up with someone who would leave her when she’s in need of support and comfort. She may think about it, but she won’t want to let him go.

 He showed her that he loves her more than anything else in life. He proved to be loyal and dedicated to their relationship by putting aside all other priorities just because she needed him most. He made sure she knows how much he cares for her even if they are miles apart. And now, every time they meet again, she can’t help but feel overwhelmed by his presence because deep inside, she knows no one else could make her feel so special like he does.

2) You understood and shared her passions

When a guy understands and shares a woman’s passions, it increases his attractiveness in her eyes. It makes him more likeable because she sees his personality reflecting who she is and what she loves. For example, if your girlfriend loves reading historical novels, then there’s no better way to show how well you know her than by going out of your way to purchase some for both of you to read together. The best part about doing something like that is that it shows her you care enough about what she likes to go out of your way to make sure you share similar interests

. This type of gesture tells her that even though you’re different people with different personalities, at least one thing unites you: a mutual passion for something outside yourself. And when two people have a common interest outside themselves, they feel connected on an emotional level and are able to get closer as friends or partners.

3) You made time for romance

Sure, life gets busy with work and children. But don’t wait for date night to spend time on romance—do something romantic or thoughtful even on those middle-of-the-weekdays when it seems impossible. A sweet note, a dozen roses—the little gestures add up to something big. Romantic gestures make your partner feel special and appreciated. Plus, they get her thinking about how lucky she is to have you in her life. And isn’t that what every woman wants?

4) You went out of your way to surprise them

Nothing shows someone how much they mean to you more than going out of your way to surprise them. It’s nice to spend time with your spouse but it’s also sweet when a little something extra is thrown in just because. Plus, when you make an effort, she knows she means something special to you. Remembering special occasions and holidays: There’s nothing like a loving husband or wife who remembers exactly what day it is – especially if it’s not their birthday or anniversary.

 And, even better if he brings home flowers for no reason at all! You know how to say I love you without saying a word: One thing many people forget about relationships is that actions speak louder than words. If you want to show your spouse how much you care about them then do it through actions rather than words. For example, doing chores around the house instead of asking them to do it or helping carry groceries inside after work are both great ways to show affection without saying anything at all.

5) You shared important life moments together

You shared your first high school dance, your first legal drink, and your first apartment. You’re both counting down until it’s just too cold to go back outside. In short, you know each other inside and out, and there is a comfort in knowing someone as well as she knows you. You may not think about these memories all day every day, but they are still there: reminders of an old friendship that no one can replace.

6) She could count on you in hard times

When bad things happen, it’s so important to know your partner has your back. You might not be able to remove a cancer from their family or prevent an addiction from destroying their life, but by standing by them when no one else does, you become irreplaceable. Be there for your loved ones in good times and bad times; she’ll remember your support and understanding when everything gets tough.

7) You supported her dreams

Maybe your wife, girlfriend or partner had a huge dream of going to college or graduating high school. You supported it 100 percent, no matter what it took. She loved how much you believed in her and knew she could do anything she put her mind to because of your support. It made her feel safe and secure knowing that you were always there for her when she needed help. And now, years later, she still loves seeing your support for all of her goals.

8) And always believed in her potential

She knows you were there for every tear, every bump in life, and she knows you believed in her from day one. You are not only her husband but also her rock. Every time she looks at you with those eyes, full of pride and strength, it reminds her of all those times when she felt like giving up. And as much as it hurts now to be away from each other, she can’t help but smile through tears because your belief was so strong and your support was so unconditional.

9) You respected and encouraged her career goals

Maybe she wanted to start a family, or pursue a master’s degree, and you were completely supportive. Maybe she was accepted into graduate school but couldn’t afford it, so you stepped in and helped out. She appreciated your confidence in her career goals and actions; now, remember how much she appreciated those when it comes time for Valentine’s Day next year. 

You didn’t always get along: You might have had some knock-down drag-out fights over silly little things. But if you worked through them, she knows that you both care about each other enough to hash out issues without letting them fester until they become huge problems.

10) What would she do without you?

She needs your support, so make sure to be there for her. Whenever she has a problem, talk it out with her and do everything in your power to help solve it. And as soon as she’s feeling better, tell her how grateful you are for all of her support over time. She needs to know how loved she is by someone who makes an effort to care about what’s going on in her life. 

You can also show her how much you appreciate her by doing little gestures like surprising her with flowers or giving her extra attention when she feels down. These actions might seem small, but they’ll mean a lot to your partner—and they’ll show her that you truly care about making each other happy.


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