10 Reasons She Wants A Divorce

 She doesn’t love you anymore, but she doesn’t know how to tell you. Maybe she has even tried without success, and now she feels trapped in her unhappy marriage and doesn’t know how to get out of it without destroying what little relationship you have left. There are many reasons why women want divorce, and they don’t all revolve around money or infidelity; here are ten you might be overlooking.

1) He doesn’t make an effort to be romantic

Romance is one of those things that has a short shelf life in many relationships. One month your wife will be gushing about how romantic you are and then, for some reason, she’ll stop noticing those little gestures.

 You might think it’s because she’s not expressing her gratitude for your efforts or that she doesn’t find romance important, but it could be a sign of bigger issues in your relationship. If you notice your wife isn’t showing signs of affection, it may be time to step back and evaluate what’s going on in your marriage. If she says she wants a divorce, ask yourself if there are other factors at play. If so, address them before they become irreparable problems.

2) He’s emotionally distant

When he’s in a good mood, he might ask you about your day and listen attentively to your answers. But after a few minutes, he tunes out and moves on to other things. Or sometimes, he won’t even acknowledge that you said anything at all. And when it comes to emotional intimacy, don’t expect him to reciprocate by sharing his feelings with you.

3) He belittles her in front of friends and family

1. Being put down in front of others is one of a woman’s biggest fears. Having your man continually make fun of you can be an even bigger deal-breaker than being physically hurt by him. The right partner will build you up, not tear you down; he’ll know that humility isn’t only a virtue but sexy. If you feel like your guy always has to win and belittles you when he doesn’t get his way, it might be time to start looking for someone else.

1. He expects her to do everything: 2. It should go without saying that a good husband helps out around the house and takes care of his wife. If yours does all of these things without being asked or expected to, then kudos to him!

4) He makes fun of her ambitions

The good news is that you can have a career and a family. The bad news is that you probably won’t be able to do both at exactly the same time. There will always be pressure, one way or another, to choose between being a devoted mom or working your tail off in pursuit of your professional dreams.

 If he makes fun of her ambitions—or worse, tells her she shouldn’t pursue them—he might not want her to work at all. He might just want someone who stays home with his kids while he works hard for his own success. In other words:

 He might not want a partner; he might just want an employee. And if he doesn’t respect her goals, then why should she stick around?

5) She feels like he changed after they got married

Sure, you may still be head over heels in love with your husband or wife, but that doesn’t mean it won’t change. You want to preserve your relationship for years to come.

 Marriage is work and that is why it needs constant monitoring. If you see any signs of change within your spouse, don’t ignore them because they can worsen and lead to divorce eventually. Sit down and talk about what is bothering her so she feels better about herself. This way, you will have a stronger bond as a couple which will strengthen your marriage even more.

7) He treats their pets poorly

Make sure that you’re not a bad pet owner. There are always exceptions, but in general if you don’t treat your pets well, your wife will have less respect for you.

 That’s definitely a no-no in a marriage where you want to preserve peace and keep everything as smooth as possible. It also doesn’t mean that you should spoil your pets rotten and let them take over your home or dictate what happens to it; again, there is always an exception here.

7) He keeps pushing her to get pregnant

It’s not a good sign if she’s feeling pressured to start a family right away. Although becoming a parent is a major life goal for most women, it shouldn’t be her husband who’s pushing her toward it—he should want to wait until both of them are ready.

 If he keeps encouraging her to get pregnant even though she doesn’t feel ready, there might be problems in their relationship that need ironing out before they can have children.

8) He disrespects her on social media

Social media is good for personal relationships and keeping in touch with friends and family, but when it comes to marital relationships, it’s best to keep your personal life away from social media. If you’re struggling in your marriage because of bad behavior on social media sites, don’t share details about your spouse with others through social networking websites. It only hurts your marriage even more.

9) He doesn’t help around the house

Chores are so easy to put off, even when you both work full-time. If one person isn’t taking responsibility for keeping your home clean and organized, your marriage is bound to suffer. It may not seem like a big deal at first, but things can quickly spiral out of control. So just get on it already!

10 Reasons She Wants A Divorce

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