5 Steps To Build A Stronger Love For Your Partner

If you’re unhappy in your relationship, you may feel that you don’t love your partner the way you used to, or the way you should. This can be quite upsetting and discourage any attempts at communication or changes to your relationship dynamic. However, it doesn’t have to be this way; strengthening your love for your partner can often be as simple as figuring out how to build a stronger relationship with him or her step by step. Here are five ways to do just that!

1) Celebrate Their Accomplishments

When you make a big deal out of your partner’s accomplishments, it shows them that you appreciate their work. They may not always understand what you do or why it’s important, but when they know how much time and effort you spend on your own work (and theirs), they’ll be even more appreciative of your efforts. And in turn, they will want to show their appreciation by taking care of and investing in your relationship. For example, if you’re an athlete who just signed a contract with your team, tell your significant other about all of the hard work you put into getting ready for tryouts and improving over last season. If you’re a writer working on your first novel, let your partner know how excited you are to see it published and get feedback from others. And so on…

2) Do Something They Enjoy

If you want your partner to develop a deeper love and appreciation for you, you need to do something they enjoy. You can start with something small—like going out of your way to take them on a date or help out with an activity they like—but even little actions like these have been proven time and again to make people feel loved. Think about it: 

Do you feel loved when someone does something that involves sacrifice? Maybe not—especially if that sacrifice doesn’t mean anything at all in your mind. But if someone goes out of their way to show you they care, then there’s no doubt in your mind that you are loved. It may seem simple, but research shows we don’t always put much thought into how our partners might be feeling; doing things they enjoy is one great way to remind them how much you care.

 If They’re Upset, Don’t Shut Them Out: Sometimes couples get upset at each other—and that’s OK! In fact, communication and confrontation (as long as it’s done respectfully) are healthy parts of any relationship. The problem comes when couples try to ignore their issues instead of confronting them head-on. Research has shown ignoring problems isn’t healthy for relationships; in fact, one study found that failing to address issues leads to higher rates of depression and lower levels of happiness overall.

3) Ask How They Are

The simplest, most effective way to deepen any relationship is by asking how another person is feeling. We often want people we love to tell us how they feel, but it’s just as important that we let them know as well. When you start sentences with phrases like How are you? or How did your day go? make sure to really listen and respond (in kind) when they tell you. It will help both of you feel more connected and loved. And isn’t that what relationships are all about? 

While you should ask how someone feels, don’t be afraid to share how you are too! If you keep things bottled up inside, even with those closest to you, it can lead to harmful stress that keeps love from growing. Couples who have open dialogue about their feelings are able ask for what they need in order to strengthen their bond and grow closer over time. It’s not always easy to say how we feel, but being honest will ultimately help you build a stronger relationship.

It doesn’t matter if your partner is a friend or family member; asking how they feel is one of most powerful ways to show them that you care about them. So next time you see someone close, take just a few minutes to ask them how they are doing—and really listen when they tell you. You might just find yourself feeling more connected than ever before!

4) Have Real Conversations

Building a stronger love with your partner

When you’re married, everything can feel like routine. That’s why it’s important to keep things fresh and new. Schedule regular, intentional time with your partner just to talk. Whether it’s over coffee in the morning or drinks after work, simply open up about your day and ask them about theirs. You may be surprised by what you learn.

 And even if it doesn’t lead to anything profound, at least you had some quality time together! It also helps that conversations have been proven to increase intimacy between partners—the more you know each other, the stronger your bond will become.

The key is to make sure that these talks are meaningful and not just daily chit-chat. This means making an effort to discuss deeper topics than How was your day? It could mean talking about something that made you both laugh or got on either of your nerves during the day.

5) Talk About What You Like About Them

We tend to spend so much time talking about what we don’t like that we forget to talk about what we do. Focus on their strengths and make an effort to talk about them; it’s good for both of you. It will help you feel more positively towards your partner, which in turn can improve your relationship. 

And it will help your partner feel better about themselves, which is never a bad thing. So next time they’re doing something great, let them know! Even if it’s just how much you love them for being considerate when taking out the trash. You never know how big of a deal it might be to hear something positive once in awhile. Plus, it will keep things light and fun between you two. 

Which is important too! When you’re around someone who makes you happy, smiling feels natural. So smile more often—and give others reasons to smile at you as well. Letting others see how happy you are with your significant other will make them want to join in on all of that happiness—which can only mean good things for everyone involved.


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