9 Ways To Show Commitment To Your Partner In A Relationship

There are plenty of different ways to show commitment in your relationship, whether it’s with your partner or your family members. Commitment doesn’t necessarily mean you have to set the date or get married; it can be as simple as staying by their side and not leaving them behind when they need you most. Here are 9 ways to show commitment in a relationship.

How to show commitment in a romantic relat

1) Hint at it

The best ways to show commitment and dedication are also often surprising. Sometimes, showing commitment doesn’t even have anything to do with words or spending money, but instead can come from rewording your typical habits. If you’re looking for new ways of showing commitment in your relationship, try some of these fun ideas. Showing that you’re willing to go above and beyond is one of the most important things you can do when it comes to showing commitment in a relationship.

2) Talk about the future

If you want your relationship to be healthy and long-lasting, you should plan for your future together. That’s why it’s vital that you create plans and goals for yourselves, including when and how you’ll move in together or get married. Not only does doing so show your partner that you see their needs as paramount, but it also helps ensure both of your futures will be bright no matter what happens. By talking about these things now, you can prevent having them cause tension later on down the road. After all, nothing is worse than realizing you aren’t on exactly the same page when it comes to where your life is headed—or that one person wants something and they don’t.

3) Speak well of your exes

There’s nothing wrong with giving your new partner props for being good. But if you don’t ever talk about what was great about your exes, you might come across as only interested in tearing others down—not a good move when you’re trying to show commitment. You should also be careful not to speak ill of them; even if they were terrible people, it can still make you look bad. Instead, focus on your own role in why things didn’t work out and how much better things are now that you have someone who appreciates you more than they did before. Your current partner will likely appreciate hearing all of these details, but your future partners will definitely appreciate it too.

As long as we are talking about speaking well of our exes: This is one place where dating app users agree: Nearly 80 percent said they wouldn’t date someone who has publicly shamed an ex-partner (eHarmony). Maybe that’s because it looks like those ex-partners could include their friends or family members?

4) Show appreciation

It may seem old-fashioned, but letting your significant other know you appreciate them is a great way to show commitment. Don’t underestimate its power: Research shows that genuine displays of gratitude can increase people’s feelings of security and satisfaction with their relationship. Even something as simple as saying thank you when they help out around the house or picking up your partner from work will suffice. Your gestures don’t have to be big; just make sure they come from your heart.

5) Touch each other often


As humans, we have an innate desire for physical touch. Whether you’re sitting on your partner’s lap or holding hands while walking through a park, touching helps form an emotional bond and makes you feel more connected. It also reinforces romantic feelings like love and affection. So don’t be afraid to get cozy! The benefits of touch are immediate and far-reaching—not only will it help build intimacy with your partner, but it can also make you feel more comfortable physically and emotionally with yourself.

6) Get them an anniversary gift

Showing your partner you care year-round doesn’t mean you have to spend big on each and every holiday. But, it is still important to show her that you remember special occasions. Here are some ways you can show commitment in your relationship throughout the year—especially on anniversaries: No. 5: Leave a Post-it Note When she wakes up, place an unexpected and thoughtful sticky note somewhere around her bedroom; she’ll love having something unexpected from you first thing. No. 

If money is tight, but you really want to get them something for their anniversary or any other special occasion, try these no-cost ideas: Take out their trash without being asked to do so – This shows that you do little things for them because they’re worth it.

7) Do things they enjoy

It’s no secret that when we feel appreciated, our relationships flourish. And what better way to show your significant other you care than by doing things they enjoy? If you’re feeling pressured, don’t force yourself; if an activity really isn’t your thing, it’s probably not a good idea to do it. Just try something new every once in awhile. Even better, get your sweetheart involved—it can be great fun trying something new together!

8) Ask their advice

People respect you for your ability to seek advice and implement it. And they also value your opinion, as well as your willingness to actively listen—to them, not just with words but through actions. Being honest and forthright is another way of showing commitment in a relationship: Don’t pretend things are OK when they’re not; tell people what they need to hear instead of what they want.

9) Go on dates

The most obvious way you can show commitment to your partner is by dating them. Make sure you schedule time for quality face-to-face dates. Plan getaways with your partner every now and then, which also provide an opportunity for more romance and intimacy between you two. Make a point of doing fun things together, like trying out new restaurants or going on picnics (picnics are awesome). The more fun time you spend together, the better it is for your relationship. Finally, make sure you always pick up the tab when you go out on dates—it’s one of those little gestures that goes a long way toward showing how much you care about your partner. If finances are tight, remember that just because something costs money doesn’t mean it has to be expensive; cheap date ideas abound if you put some thought into them!



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